The StellaHome2600 4G repeater boost 4G signal into your house or office



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  • Provides 4G mobile signal for your Home
  • Frequency: 2600Mhz
  • Coverage 1000m2
Estimated Delivery to United States of America: 4 days
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Product Description

The StellaHome 4G repeater kit  boosts 2600Mhz 4G mobile signals into your home or office.

A typical House installation shown below.

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 What you get in the kit?

  • 1 kit includes:
  • 1 indoor mounted StellaHome2600 4G Repeater
  • 1 external antenna
  • 12m coaxial cable
  • 1 indoor antenna
  • 1 power supply.

How the StellaHome2600 works

The StellaHome2600 4G repeater collects any available 2600Mhz frequency outside your property, boosts it and sends it around inside your house.

4G is really only available in cities across Europe right now. 2600Mhz is a popular frequency many operators use to transmit 4G.

If you live in the city where 4G is offered then the StellaHome2600 4G repeater will work for you.

Note that only the latest 4G enabled phones can access the 4G standard..

2600Mhz Frequency Explained


Many operators transmit 4G at 2600Mhz

Please check beforehand if your operator is transmitting 4G at 2600Mhz in your area.

The stellahome2600 4G repeater is suitable  in urban locations.



Installation Instructions