StellaHome2600 4G repeater | Boost 4G signal at home

SKU: SD-RP1000-H.
  • Provides 4G signal for your home
  • Coverage: 3-5 rooms
  • Frequency: 2600Mhz
  • No need for existing broadband connection
  • Multiple people can use this booster at the same time
  • Complete operator network protection
  • Ce certified and RoHS compliant
  • 5 year Guarantee
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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How it works

  • The outdoor antenna installed outside on your roof  collects the mobile tower signal and sends it down the cable to the 4G repeater.
  • The 4G repeater then amplifies this signal and re-transmits it into the area where you want coverage.
  • Mobile phones and laptops in that area then communicate with the improved 4G signal.


box+ kit



 What you get in the kit:

  1. 1 indoor mounted StellaHome2600 4G Repeater
  2. 1 indoor and 1 external antenna
  3. 12m coaxial cable
  4. 1 power supply.

2600Mhz Frequency Explained


Many operators transmit 4G at 2600Mhz.

The stellahome2600 4G repeater is suitable  in urban locations.

The 4G network cannot handle voice at the  moment. This will change in the future, but when your phone makes a voice call, it will switch back to either 3G or GSM.



In stock, ready to ship


(€292.68 ex-VAT)

Quick install Guide:

  1. Install antenna in a location where there is good mobile signal. (usually your roof).
  2. Cable down inside your house to the Stellahome repeater and connect the second panel antenna.
  3. Plug in the power supply.


panal on pole

Installing the antenna on your roof:

Install one of the panel antennas on your roof, or  outside wall, where you have a good signal.. Check the signal bars on your phone in this location. You need to see at least 2-3 signal bars. Install the antenna and orientate it towards your local mobile operators tower.

To find the rough location of the tower, you can use Opensignal. And just click the “towers” button.


Opensignal is also an app for the Iphone and Android phones, that points to the location of your mast with an animated compass needle. Very useful!

 The signal strength indicator:

6 leds

With the signal strength indicator, you can see the signal power coming from the direction where you have pointed the antenna. The more green lights the more power.

Green Light 1-6 : Determines your overall signal strength. A good installation will show at least 4 LED’s.

As you turn your antenna towards the mobile tower,  the indicator will light up more.

  • If the blue lights up, it means there is communication between your phone and the repeater. Nice to know its all working!
  • If the orange lights up, when you plug in the repeater, you should make sure that there is at least on solid wall between the outdoor antenna and the indoor antenna. You need more separation between the antennas.


install repeater in home

  • Connect the supplied cable to the outside antenna and run it down inside your house to the area where you want coverage.
  • In this area place the Stellahome repeater and connect the cable to it.
  • Then connect the second panel antenna to the repeater and point it into the area where you want coverage.
  • Finally, plug in the power supply. Your done!

 NOTE: It is important that you have good isolation between the outdoor and indoor antenna. Make sure you have at least one solid block/ brick wall between both antennas or a wall with foil backed insulation.

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